Anywhere, at any time, the consumer is likely to buy. A relevant multi-channel strategy allows your products to be presented in every step of the way.

Multi-channel sales allow you to test new markets very easily. With a few clicks, you can acquire new customers and develop additional sources of revenue in several countries.

Each channel having its specificities and requirements, Lengow allows you to centralize your management in order to save time and offer a consistent consumer experience.

Multichannel marketing, technology at your service

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Be where your customers are

You already have product data in your catalog: Lengow is here to help you get the most out of it by displaying it on Amazon, Google Shopping, or Facebook.

Our feed manager allows you to centralize your product data and, through manual or automated delivery rules, define where and how to publish them.

By automatically distributing your products on marketplaces and shopping apps, you can easily choose sales channels to suit your needs and business.

Order and stock management – coordinated and responsive

Increase and decrease of your stock and the volume of orders tends to complicate the use of the backoffice specific to each marketplace. Whether or not you have an e-commerce site, with our platform your orders are fully synchronized between all your tools.

Automatically, thanks to our e-commerce plugins and API, Lengow allows you to synchronize your stocks on all sales channels where your products are offered.

Access your statistics from one single interface and integrate your multi-channel sales strategy in your existing environment (PIM, ERP, logistic services …).

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