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Integrate with an outstanding network of 200+ marketplaces. Choose the most relevant marketplaces according to your industry and the audience you target.

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Easily embrace cross-border commerce

  • Internationalise your business strategy and access more than 35 countries thanks to Lengow.
  • Localise your product content and manage several currencies, languages and countries in one single platform.
  • Simplify your sales processes in international markets by using our marketplaces’ shipping services: Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), Cdiscount Fulfilment, ManoMano Fulfilment, Leroy Merlin Fulfilment and Zalando Fulfilment Services (ZFS).

Centralise your order management

  • Keep track and control of your fulfilment orchestration from one single platform.
  • View and manage all your orders from different marketplaces in one place, in a consistent and automated manner (automatic acceptance of orders, confirmation of shipment, stock synchronisation, etc.).

Optimise your product catalogue

  • Complete and enrich your product catalogue thanks to our smart rules and our additional sources.
  • Effortlessly adapt your feeds to each marketplace’s requirements and each market’s specificities, to maximise the visibility of your products on search engines and boost your sales.

Automate your ecommerce strategy

  • Create automatic rules and optimisations to improve the quality of your products feeds and reduce manual workload.
  • Save time by performing these optimisations on multiple marketplaces at the same time, from your main catalogue.
  • Free your team from technical roadblocks and allow them to focus on value-added tasks.

Get the business intelligence you need to lead the game

  • Track your performance on each marketplace and analyse the profitability of your products with our performance dashboard, to take informed decisions and adapt your business strategy accordingly.

Additional Features



Tailor your product feeds to your audience. Segment your product catalogue to choose the most relevant products to publish or exclude on each marketplace and for each market.


Attributes and category matching

Set the right structure for your catalogue thanks to our pre-filled category and attributes matching. Save time: once matched, the main fields of your catalogue will be automatically applied to every new marketplace you add on Lengow.


Dynamic pricing with Netrivals

Using the Netrivals solution, smartly reprice your products thanks to pricing rules based on the level of competitiveness in the market, and activate the best commerce strategy.

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Additional sources

Additional sources

Quickly enrich your product feed with hot (stock, price) and cold (pictures, rich-media content) data from any source to create a single, optimised product catalogue.


Optimisation rules

Easily improve the quality of your titles, descriptions and attributes thanks to our automatic rules and reduce manual workload.

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“The integration time of a new partner is reduced. Lengow is often among the first to integrate new partners that are relevant to our business in different markets. All this allows us to be more responsive. The integration of strategic partners as soon as they are launched is a great asset for us.”


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