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Your Shopware module and Lengow

Shopware is the latest e-commerce software for powering your online business, with more than 54,000 customers already trust Shopware.

From your Shopware module, you can export your product catalogue into Lengow, and then select the marketing channels you would like to distribute your products on.


  • Configure your feed’s main settings in the Shopware plugin, e.g. select out of stock products, product variations, inactive products, etc.
  • Decrease your stock according to orders generated on the marketplaces.
  • Monitor your business performance and profitability with the aid of a statistical dashboard.



Installation of the module

This module is compatible with all Shopware versions from 4.3 to 5.4.

To install it, connect to the Shopware Store, add the Lengow plugin to your cart and retrieve the key you need to be able to put on your Plugin Manager into your back office. You can also choose to install it directly from the Plugin Manager into your back office.


installation back office EN


Once the installation is complete, log off and log back on to your Shopware back office in order to refresh it. You should see a new Lengow section in the Configuration menu.

Open it and go to our platform to create your account and start your free trial of the Lengow platform !




If you need any help configuring it, get in touch with the Lengow Team!



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Plugin Information

Latest Version


4.3 - 5.4