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Lengow helps you make the right choices and connect you to potential customers, while leaving you in the driving seat when it comes to business decisions. Determine the right for your business and strategically select which products to publish.

Take control


Lengow gives you access to detailed data – analyze your current performance and adjust your digital strategy accordingly. Control your acquisition costs in real time, manage your pricing models, forecast future sales and optimize your product data.

likeIncrease your autonomy


The Lengow platform allows you to regain control over the structuring and distribution of your product data and to have autonomy from your technical teams.
Create perfectly structured product catalogs independently and save time preparing your feeds, without any intervention from your developers.

Streamline your efforts


Increase your efficiency by automating tasks: centralize your products in Lengow and automatically distribute your catalogs on each channel and country. Be independent from your technical teams and react fast to improve your feeds.

Expand your business globally


Get access to multiple channels in more than 42 countries and enrich your product catalog with dedicated applications like translation and currency management. Native sales and support teams offer you their expertise and help you with your internationalization strategy.


Web-to-Store: Increase in-store traffic

Take advantage of a variety of delivery methods, including Click & Collect, to bring your customers into your shop and optimize the interdependence of e-commerce sites and physical stores. Marketing channels adapted to Web-to-Store are an opportunity for you to provide your customers greater purchasing flexibility and avoid barriers such as delivery costs, last-minute purchases or the unavailability of a product online. Lengow helps you to present the availability and prices of products in shops close to your customers: online and offline are interconnected via your product feeds.


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