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Fluidra gets a 360° view of their distribution channels thanks to Netrivals

Discover how Fluidra, a multinational group leader in the swimming pool and wellness sector, was able to easily access information about reviews, ratings and the perception of their products by end customers thanks to key modules from Netrivals:

  • Complete analysis of opinion and rating information,
  • Business Intelligence Module to optimise quality of data,
  • Notification system to inform about stock availability.

In this document, you will read about:

  • Company overview
  • Challenges and issues before using Netrivals
  • Solutions provided by Netrivals
  • Business benefits

This guide is for you if:

  • You have an e-commerce site or are selling on marketplaces, and are looking for information on business intelligence module, distribution channels, and ratings and reviews.
  • You want to reduce manual work and automate the benchmarking of your resellers.
  • You want to better know your end consumers and base your decisions on concrete and activable insights.