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Expanding your ecommerce business can be a touchy task when you lack accompaniment. Discover how to get on the path to success and optimise your performances on multiple marketing channels.

Stay updated with the latest ecommerce white papers and optimise your processes. Easily boost your sales and create an international presence for your brand with Lengow.

In these documents you will find :

  • Key information for easy adaptation
  • The marketplaces you should take into consideration
  • Tips to gain visibility and increase sales
  • How to optimise performance
  • How to boost your international sales through marketplaces



These guides are for you in case :

  • You have an online store or you manage an online business, and you’re looking for information on marketplaces
  • You want to sell your products on one or more marketplace(s)
  • You’re already selling on marketplaces, and you want to optimise your presence and/or be more efficient