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How to Maximise Revenue on Marketplaces

Enhancing E-commerce Strategy on Marketplaces

In 2024, selling on marketplaces is a real challenge. The competition among sellers is becoming increasingly fierce, and the selection of marketplaces is extensive. However, their significance cannot be overlooked: the trend of online marketplaces is unmistakably ascending in Europe.

  • Remarkably, in France‘s top 20 e-commerce entities, 18 operate marketplaces.
  • In Germany, marketplaces collectively represent over half of all online retail activities.
  • A study from 2022 in Italy highlighted that a significant portion of e-commerce funding is allocated to online marketplaces.
  • In Spain, nearly half of the online shoppers make monthly purchases through various marketplaces.

This comprehensive ebook is your guide to streamline operations and accelerate online sales on marketplaces.

Packed with tips, tricks, and examples, this guide will show you how to optimise your marketplace strategy to maximise conversions and increase sales.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketplace seller or just starting out on marketplaces, this ebook is the perfect resource to take your business to the next level.

In this document we present:

  • The latest marketplace numbers
  • The benefits on selling on marketplaces
  • Complexities and challenges
  • The 6 main strategies for an enhanced marketplace strategy

This guide is for you:

  • You have an e-commerce site, are a manager in an e-commerce company and you are looking for information on the sales channels available to you
  • You want to get started on marketplaces and promote your products via these channels
  • You already sell on marketplaces and you want to improve your performance