Discover the story of a German retailer’s successful launch onto European marketplaces in 5 months:

Through this guide you will discover the story of Keller Sports, who was already selling on various channels but wanted to explore marketplaces. You will see the developement of this retailer on various channels, in different countries, and how Lengow simplified the feed management by adapting and centralising everything in one unique interface!



In this document we explain :

  • A company overview
  • Goals and drawbacks
  • Solutions provided by Lengow
  • The benefits for Keller Sports’ activity

This guide is for you :

  • You have an online store or you manage an online business, and you’re looking for developping your activity
  • You want to sell your products on one or more marketplace(s)
  • You’re already selling on marketplaces, and you want to optimise your presence and/or be more efficient

Increase your sales with Lengow