Marketplace Horror Webinar_replay

How to Avoid Marketplace Horror Stories!


Experience firsthand the horror of other brands and merchants who started selling on marketplaces. Learn from these traumatic experiences and most importantly learn how to avoid them in the future!

The programme:

  • Amazon: Specific stories about what could go wrong on this key marketplace and how to handle it
  • Other Marketplaces: All the other marketplaces have at least as many nightmare experiences you should know about
  • Retail Media: How to end the horror of retail media KPI tracking on marketplaces

In this expert talk, you will learn all about:

      • Tips and tricks for efficient marketplace strategies
  • How to avoid marketplace errors
  • Concrete examples of marketplace horror stories


  • Max Mirra, Account Executive @Lengow
  • Lawrence Taylor, Founder @ Retail4Brands
  • Frédéric Clément, Co-founder @ Mimbi
  • Matthew Ferguson, Director @ Rich Insight