Improve your visibility and your sales with Snapchat and Lengow

Through this guide, discover the messaging app Snapchat – the key figures in the world, the main benefits for advertisers and the specificities of the app.

Also get to know all the promotion tools available on Snapchat: Lenses AR experiences, Story Ads, Commercials….

Finally, Lengow and Snapchat give you some key advice to be a successful advertiser and explain how to integrate on to the platform successfully.

In this document we present:

  • Key figures
  • Specificities and key benefits
  • Our advice to be successful
  • Snapchat with Lengow
  • You have an e-commerce site, or you work for an e-commerce company and you’re looking for more information about the marketing channels available to you
  • You wish to launch your ads on Snapchat to promote and sell your products
  • You already advertise on Snapchat and you want to improve your performance