Top Tips for Successfully Selling on Fashion Marketplaces in Europe

Top Tips for Successfully Selling on Marketplaces (Category: Fashion)

Marketplace competition is intensifying, especially in fashion marketplaces like Zalando, YOOX, Kiabi, or Veepee, which have seen a significant rise in both the number of platforms and sellers. Similarly, the ‘clothing & accessories’ sections on broad-spectrum marketplaces like Amazon have become increasingly competitive.

Here are four essential tips to face this competitive landscape and enhance your sales on marketplaces, ultimately leading to increased sales and profits:

  • Comprehending and Automating Product Listing Processes
  • Customizing Your Product Assortment Strategy
  • Being Mindful of Price Image in Marketplace Settings
  • Concentrating on Inventory Management and Fulfillment Practices


  • How can I prepare my product catalog for marketplace integration?
  • Which fashion marketplaces are most suitable for selling my products?
  • What does price image mean in the context of marketplaces?
  • How should I implement and utilize fulfillment solutions?

This guide is for:

  • You have an e-commerce site, you are a manager in an e-commerce company and are looking for information on how to boost your marketplace strategy
  • You want to use a feed management solution and stand out from the competition
  • You are already using a a feed management solution and want to improve your performance