• An Amazon product catalogue on Lengow

To begin...


Retrieve your ASIN codes from either the product URL of your Amazon site or from the “additional information” section of the Amazon product sheet.



Create an import file composed of 2 columns: ‘Product ID’ and ‘ASIN’



Import the file to Lengow via the “Additional Sources” tab and send the ASIN codes to Amazon on the “Matching Attributes” tab by creating the specific automatic rule (available here)



Your data will be sent to Amazon the next time your products are indexed using ASIN codes

How does it work?

  • ASIN codes play a major role in managing a product catalogue on Amazon. If you have the right ASIN code, your products will not only be easier for buyers to find, but they will also be protected against counterfeiting.
  • Amazon creates a product sheet (EAN), as a merchant you must send the ASIN code corresponding to the product to be referenced on this sheet.
  • You can publish your offers faster for products that are already available on Amazon.
  • It’s important to review the error report on Lengow when you update your Amazon feed so you can correct new errors and ensure all your products are online.
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