Your synchronisation with BigCommerce

Big Commerce is helping to usher in a new era in e-commerce: headless commerce, an architecture in which a store’s frontend is wholly separate from the backend. It enables brands and retailers to operate multiple different storefronts concurrently, without any adjustments needed at the backend.

Built for speed and flexibility, BigCommerce offers more headless integrations than any other e-commerce platform, enabling the creation of unique customer experiences – for both B2B and B2C brands.

And now, thanks to the new BigCommerce connector for Lengow, you can export all the products in your BigCommerce backend, to market and/or sell them via all Lengow channels and marketplaces – and all from a single interface.

Your products, available for your customers to buy, wherever and whenever you want, with efficient sales management.

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Your products are optimized for…

Easily import your product data from BigCommerce (including product variations). Combine and consolidate multiple data sources to create a single product catalogue

Adapt your catalogue to improve your conversion rate and publish products on the channels of your choice: define price, presentation and available stock

Optimise e-commerce performance by adjusting or removing products that are not generating enough business.

Enjoy real-time oversight of data and profitability with our detailed dashboard.

Use BigCommerce with Lengow

More about BigCommerce + Lengow

Install your BigCommerce connector

Our tips

  • In your Lengow platform, choose BigCommerce as the source, then connect your accounts.
  • Choose the required custom data structures you want to import (for example: out of stock products, product variations, currencies) and then the optional data structures.
  • Select only what you feel is necessary for your channels. You can make other exports and create as many catalogues as you wish to have qualified data in Lengow
Update : 07/2022
Compatibility : All

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