Rapid implementation of Lengow to accelerate the omnichannel strategy of Nespresso in over 35 countries

Discover how, with the help of Lengow, Nespresso was able to adapt to each market and create new and optimised workflows quickly and efficiently. Having updated catalogues has helped them deliver a quality customer experience and as a result, Nespresso has seen significant progress in new markets deployed with Lengow

In this document:

  • Company overview
  • Challenges and objectives before using Lengow
  • Solutions provided by Lengow
  • Benefits to the business

This guide is for you:

  • You have an e-commerce site, you are a manager in an e-commerce company and are looking for information on the marketing channels available to you
  • You want to launch on new distribution channels and promote your products beyond your site
  • You are already selling on distribution channels and want to improve your performance