Manage and optimise ads at scale across 1400 channels

Create campaigns on the relevant channels according to your growth objectives, audience and industry.
Lengow is an official Google Partner and also partners with the leading social brands (Meta, Snapchat, TikTok and Pinterest) ensuring up-to-date feeds, as well as access to some premium support.

Explore all channels

Create high-impact ad campaigns

  • Effortlessly create, manage and optimise ad campaigns across all channels directly from the Lengow platform.
  • Keep campaigns automatically up-to-date with correct information and imagery based on your product feed.

Optimise your PPC performance

  • A/B test ads to easily compare conversion rates based on titles, images and descriptions.
  • Automate campaign optimisations based on ad performance using the Google Analytics connector.
  • Integrate business data (profit, margin, ROI) into Lengow and generate a master product catalogue with actionable recommendations.
  • Create Custom Labels based on these insights to manage Google Ads campaigns, and adapt bids, audiences and objectives accordingly.

Design a high performing omni-channel acquisition channel

  • Reach your customers wherever they are – both online and offline.
  • Develop an online-to-offline strategy and generate footfall traffic to retail locations with Google, Facebook and Criteo’s Local Ads.
  • Showcase products and provide information about retail locations based on geographic searches via Google My Business.

Drive quality traffic and increase conversion rates

  • Create hyper relevant ads that convert into sales. Segment your catalogue to choose which products should be published on each channel.
  • Synchronise ads with inventory so that campaigns for out-of-stock products are automatically paused.

Engage your social audience with impactful ads

  • Implement and manage intelligent social and live commerce strategies.
  • Introduce products via live videos, offering potential clients a unique shopping shopping experience.

Additional Features


Optimise your catalogue to improve ad performance

Use Custom Labels to break your catalogue down into segments according to performance, special offers or seasonality. Use these segments to A/B test ads, distribute your budget more evenly or delete less effective products.


Expand presence on niche channels

Create customised channel structures to access niche marketing channels that are not available on the Lengow platform.


Benefit from Netrivals dynamic pricing

Automatically set and adjust the right price for your products on each marketing channel, using pricing rules based on the degree of competitiveness of each market.


Easily enrich product data

Build a single, optimised product catalogue by rapidly enhancing your product feed with hot (price, stock, margin) and cold (rich-media content, picture) data from any source.


Stay ahead of the competition

Access insights on competing brands and use to compare with your performance: analyse the price difference percentage, see which competitors are selling below your minimum margin, ad position etc. Understand which products perform well via ad campaigns, and which should be excluded.


Simplify campaign optimisation

Automate optimisation of ad titles, attributes and descriptions to gain efficiency and save time.

They trust us

“Thanks to Lengow, we have been able to simplify and improve our processes, which
means we can send high quality feeds to different partners. It has proved especially
beneficial for our Google Shopping campaigns, and we are very happy with the results.”

– ONLINE ACQUISITION MANAGER at Natures & Découvertes –

Develop a successful omni-channel acquisition strategy across 1400+ channels

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