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Choose the most relevant channels according to your objectives, your industry and the audience you target. Lengow is partnering with the main Social brands (Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest) and is listed as an official Google partner.

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Design high-impact marketing campaigns

  • Drive brand awareness & generate traffic to my website by designing digital acquisition strategies with up-to-date and consistent product informations.
  • Develop impactful product ads: manage and optimise your catalogues, and enrich your product information thanks to our automatic rules and optimisations .

Boost the performance of your Google Ads

  • A/B test your ads to see which one converts better by easily comparing different titles, images, or descriptions.
  • Use Google analytics connector to add the performance of your ads as a main criteria to adapt your campaigns thanks to our automatic rules.
  • Integrate your business data (profit, margin, ROI) into Lengow and generate a master product catalogue with actionable business insights.
  • Create Custom Labels based on those insights to manage your Google campaigns, and adapt your bids, audiences and objectives accordingly.

Set up the best omnichannel strategy

  • Reach your customers wherever they are: online or offline.
  • Develop a web-to-store strategy and generate traffic in your shops with Google, Facebook and Criteo’s Local Ads.
  • Showcase your products and provide information about your stores to users who are searching nearby thanks to Google My Business.

Drive quality traffic and increase conversion rate

  • Create targeted and contextualised ads that convert, by segmenting your catalogue to choose the most relevant products to publish on each channel.
  • Keep your ads up-to-date, synchronise your ads with your inventory so that out-of-stock products ads are automatically paused.

Unleash your social commerce strategy

  • Engage with new promising audiences and offer a new shopping experience to your buyers thanks to social and live commerce strategies.
  • Bring your products direct to customers, humanise the digital shopping experience and boost your online sales through the power of live videos.

Additional Features


Custom Labels

Use custom labels to split your catalogue into segments, based on performance, promotions or seasonality. Run A/B tests on ads, spend more money on items with a high added value, or delete the less effective products.


My Custom Channel

Create your own channel structures in order to access niche marketing channels that are not available on our platform, and fully customise those new structures according to your needs.


Dynamic pricing with Netrivals

With the solution Netrivals, set up the right price for your products on every marketing channel thanks to pricing rules based on the degree of competition on the market.


Additional sources

Build a single, optimised product catalogue by rapidly enhancing your product feed with hot (price, stock, margin) and cold (rich-media content, picture) data from any source.


Competitiveness-based segmentation

Build segments based on your competitiveness, with rules spanning competitors selling below your minimum margin, price difference percentage, position, etc. You can then discard products that might not be competitive from your ads and thereby increase ROAS.


Optimisation rules

Use our optimisation rules to easily improve the quality of your titles, attributes, and descriptions, and therefore reduce manual workload.

They trust us

“Thanks to Lengow, we have been able to simplify and improve our processes, which
means we can send high quality feeds to different partners. It has proved especially
beneficial for our Google Shopping campaigns, and we are very happy with the results.”

– ONLINE ACQUISITION MANAGER at Natures & Découvertes –

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