Visibility on marketplaces

Select specialised or general marketplaces that will highlight your products, and easily process all your orders for successful deliveries.

Visually seduce your visitors

Provide several quality visuals, especially images showing the true colours and textures of your products: your customers must be able to imagine themselves using your products to compensate for the fact they cannot touch or try.

Colour, texture, ingredients: highlight the contents of your products

No parabens, natural or plant-based, highlight important information and easily manage the different variations of your products so that your buyers have access to the full details of your product range.

Simplified categorisation

Perfume, make-up, skin care… on the Lengow platform, we simplify the process of matching your catalogue’s categories. with the categories of distributors to ensure your products are well-positioned.

Explore new markets

We give you the means to make your Instagram followers dream or to showcase your entire collection on Google Shopping.

Promotion management

Be sure to prepare ahead of time for sales periods, Black Friday and sales events: promote your top products, discounted prices and keep on top of stock management.

Challenges in the beauty sector


Marketplaces dedicated to your activity

Focus on the online beauty market

Through this guide, discover the beauty sector and its strong online growth in many countries.


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