A Direct-to-Consumer strategy

Choose where you appear in order to create a direct relationship with your potential customers. Select the most appropriate marketing channels (marketplaces, product-ads, etc.) for your business and define the right optimisation strategies to adopt. In this way, you will develop a better understanding of your customers by being more directly in contact with them.

   Adopt the right positioning on marketplaces

Generalist marketplaces like Amazon and specialist sites benefit from very high levels of traffic and take customers further in the conversion funnel, bringing you much closer to your potential customers. With Lengow, you can control how your products are sold on the biggest marketplaces and manage your orders as easily as if they were placed on your own website.

   Explore new audiences

Get ready to present your entire collection on Google Shopping by implementing our different feeds (Shopping, LIA, Manufacturer Center, Promotions). For your affiliation-based influencers, we can provide you with personalised and tracked feeds for affiliation platforms.

   Web-to-Store: dedicated to raising your profile

Raising your local profile enables your customers to find you in all circumstances. Present your product range in stores situated in proximity to online shoppers: online and offline channels will then be interconnected via your products.

   Take control of your online visibility

Control your image, your pricing, your margins and everything published by your partners. Precisely define the products you would like to assign to each channel (discontinued lines, special offers, etc.) and those you would prefer to keep for sale on your website in order to work with your distributors in a complementary manner. In this way, you will be sure of presenting correct and complete information for each of your products.

   Create your own brand universe

We enable you to supply your consumer influencers on social networks with content in order to increase the engagement rate with your brand. Present several high-quality visuals – especially images showing your items in action, as your customers must be able to picture themselves using them.

   An international strategy

Ecommerce enables you to access new countries, experiment with new geographical areas or compensate for any gaps in the coverage provided by an unevenly distributed network of stores.

The stakes of your profession

Brands and digital development: your dedicated guide

On your behalf, we can analyse the problems encountered by brands with an online presence and the available solutions in order to help them continue their digital development.

We give you an overview of useful ways to increase your online presence. And you will also find our list of best practices for the implementation of your ecommerce strategy.

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