Explore new audiences

We give you the means to make your Instagram followers dream or to showcase your entire collection on Google Shopping.

Winter, summer: be ready for every season

Seasonality, new collections: establish distribution rules so that your offer meets the demand at the right time.

Join the digital revolution

Expand your customer base by targeting a generation accustomed to shopping online.

Your creations are made to be seen

Provide several quality visuals, particularly images showing your products being worn: your customers must be able to imagine themselves using your products to compensate for the fact they cannot touch or try.

Visibility of your products on marketplaces

Select marketplaces (generalist or specialised) that know how to showcase your products and easily process all your orders for successful deliveries.

An efficient delivery policy

Process your orders easily and quickly so that delivery times are no longer an obstacle for your buyers.

Challenges in the world of luxury


Channels dedicated to your activity

Focus on the online luxury market

Through this guide, discover the luxury sector, its key figures, specificities and the increasing importance of e-commerce for this market. You’ll see how luxury brands are tapping into online sales and implementing real digitalisation strategies in order to adapt.


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