Your challenges as a large company

Think globally

Access multiple distribution channels around the world.

Focus on strategic projects

Automate operational processes to concentrate your efforts on strategic technical projects.

Improve ROI

Constantly seek to reduce your costs and increase your productivity.

Master your brand image

Maintain control over all your online publications.

Take advantage of all e-commerce opportunities

React quickly, letting you expand the sales of many referenced products over a wide choice of marketing channels.

Try out web-to-store

Develop a complementary relationship between your e-commerce site and your network of physical stores.

A reliable platform recognised by the biggest players

Reactivity, flexibility, and time-saving: provide your teams with a stable platform, adapted to your sales volumes and to different market standards.

Simplified integration of your data

Easily connect your e-commerce tools (CMS, ERP, PIM, API, etc.) to our ecosystem, so that your operational teams can independently manage their online activity. We can also connect directly to your API to build your product catalogue.

Product content syndication

Perfectly optimise, adapt and publish structured product contentfor all your sales platforms, easily and automatically. Use our various automations to optimise your publications and reach your targeted groups. .

Constantly renewed partnerships

Every month we welcome new platforms, marketplaces and application partners to provide you with new test markets and an expanded audience.

Business recommendations

Discover INSIGHTS: our algorithm helps you discover the most suitable marketplaces for your products and the associated revenue potential.

Our solutions to meet your challenges

Our commitments

Get in touch

Premium-level support

A team of international experts (speaking 6 languages) who are trained and certified, Lengow’s experts are fully at your disposal to support you in the implementation of Lengow and to answer your technical questions. A Service Level Agreement (SLA), defined according to your needs.

Data protection

We do not collect any sensitive data. We guarantee full compliance with the obligations to protect your personal data with regard to the GDPR and the highest safety standards.

Differentiated access by users

You have the ability to create user profiles and manage the access rights of your employees.

Professional Services: our custom-designed support

We are at your disposal to assist you on customised projects, whether operationally or with consulting, with our Professional Services team.


Advice and recommendations to boost your projects.

Become an expert on the Lengow platform. Master all our features, accelerate delivery platform deployments and boost performance.


Adapting to your technical constraints.

Technical expertise together with real project management, dedicated framing and follow-up.


An extension of your operational teams.

A service from our internal resources to set up and activate your broadcast channels more quickly.

Trusted by…


“Lengow is an integral part of our e-commerce activity, facilitating the distribution of our product catalogue in a personalised way and in real-time to all our media partners, for multiple countries.”


“Lengow plays a major role in our digital transformation which started 5 years ago. The support from Professional Services allowed us to quickly take over the platform, be autonomous, and has proven to be quickly profitable.”


“We chose Lengow because it was the only e-commerce automation solution able to support us in distributing product catalogues of this size on a very wide range of marketing channels. Today, we can rely on Lengow’s expertise to continue our online development.”