Marketplaces dedicated to your activity

Increase the visibility of your products thanks to marketplaces

Select marketplaces (generalist or specialist in the UK and abroad) that will be able to showcase your products. Easily process all your orders for successful deliveries.

Colour variations and size

Manage the different variations of your products so that your customers have access to your complete collection.

Web-to-Shop: Increase in-store traffic

Take advantage of a variety of delivery methods, including Click & Collect, which will allow you tode bring your customers to the shop nd optimise the complementarity between e-commerce sites and physical shops.

Adapt to the growing importance of mobile

Sell more to mobile users without having to develop your own mobile application or site. Use recognised applications such as Spartoo or Veepee to promote your products on mobile.

Anticipate promotions

Make sure to prepare for the sales period, Black Friday or event sales: highlight your top products and discounted prices and take care of your inventory management.

Promote your collections in a visually impactful way

Peak your customers’ interest on different social networks et and help them project themselves thanks to several quality visuals showing your worn items.


“Lengow made it easy for us to access marketplaces, which we thought would be good for our brand development. The Magento plug-in made the whole process a lot easier, from connecting to the marketplaces to managing orders. Today, everything is centralised, and thanks to the statistics tool, we can see the whole picture when it comes to our actions.”


The essentials of online fashion

Our detailed guide gives you all the key figures of the online fashion market. Boost your sales figures thanks to our trend analysis. Decode your consumer needs effectively and sell more to the right people.


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