• A Google Ads account
  • Imported “business data” feed (available within the Lengow platform)

To begin...


Activate the “Business data” feed available on our platform and provide your product information



Log in to your Google Ads account to create your Ad Customizer script via “Campaigns” > “Group operations” > “Script”



Paste your script’s code, then modify the variable “SPREADSHEET_URL” (with your URL), “CAMPAIGN” and “ADGROUP”

How does it work?

  • You can automate and personalise your ads in real-time on Google’s Search Network according to a user’s behaviour: type of research, device used, location, date, day and time of the week, etc.
  • This customisation complements the original text of your ads and can contain any data available within your Lengow feed

NB: More information here

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