An overview of your orders:

  • view all your orders easily
  • accept or refuse new orders

With automatic acceptance, your orders are given “Pending” status directly without any action required on your part.

A detailed view of each order:

  • view all products ordered
  • enter parcel-tracking URLs
  • select carrier
  • make refunds
  • cancel orders
  • confirm shipments

With multi-parcel and multi-address management, you can perform actions according to address blocks, which allows you to ship several parcels with several carrier numbers.

Centralised management of your orders

Each marketplace operates orders differently. With the Lengow platform, you can view and manage all of your orders in a consistent and automated manner.

Among the marketplaces connected to Lengow…

Automation with all your tools and partners

Using one of our plugins (Magento, PrestaShop, Shopware or Shopify) or our API allows you to import your orders directly into your ecommerce back-office and update your inventory in real time. You can treat your orders from marketplaces just like those from your website(s).

This synchronisation enables you to perform all your order-related actions by connecting your orders to your information system and your logistics partners, among others. With the Lengow API, you can integrate Lengow orders from a Slack discussion thread, for example, or send this information to your logistics provider.

In this way, we can help you develop a more responsive logistics chain: you will save time when shipping your parcels and can therefore meet your customers’ increasingly demanding delivery requirements.

Fulfilment Order management

Have you decided to use the Fulfilment service? If that’s the case, the marketplace will be responsible for the shipment of any orders placed on their site, and manage the necessary stock.

Our platform is fully compatible with Amazon, Cdiscount and ManoMano’s Fulfilment services. You can therefore distinguish between classic orders requiring preparation on your side as a seller, and orders managed by marketplaces that won’t require any logistical intervention on your part.

Learn more about Fulfilment

Orchestrate your marketplaces sales on a unique platform

Your orders and stock level from the different marketplaces are centralized in one place: you can process them directly from this interface but also send them to your logistics tools, CMS, ERP,…

Our goal is always the same: automate as many steps as possible so your orders reach your customer on time.

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