As part of your multichannel e-commerce strategy, a dedicated solution will help you benefit from your various contact and sales channels. So long as you choose the right partner! Your selection must be made according to:

  • your needs. A multichannel e-commerce solution offers diverse tools, for conducting more careful inventories, establishing more advanced accounting, offering more responsive customer service, etc. You will be the one to prioritise your needs;
  • your distribution channels. Amazon, Fnac, Priceminister, eBay or your own commercial site: opt for the solution best suited for the channels with which you are working;
  • your level of proficiency. Adopting a multichannel e-commerce solution can be extremely time-consuming and requires you to learn specific know-how. It is therefore important to get a good idea of the scope of the task when you make your choice;
  • your current tools and partners. Postal fees, stock management, accounting software, etc. Make sure you integrate your multichannel e-commerce solution properly;
  • your budget and expected return on investment. Multichannel e-commerce solutions generally offer a monthly subscription or take a percentage of each sale (sometimes a mixture of both). Opt for the solution that will ensure the best return on investment: if you sales increase by 15%, paying a small percentage seems to be a reasonable option.

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