Shopping feed management services can be used with product feeds created specifically for uploading to Google Shopping and other online platforms (marketplaces, etc.). This solution involves the creation of a catalogue with detailed information on your products, which is then sent to the platforms that will display your listings.

2 good reasons to use shopping feed management

Shopping feed management enables more efficient use of product feeds for at least two reasons:

  • it allows you to upload a catalogue to any Google Shopping-like platform in a universal language, without losing any product information;
  • it ensures regular updates (daily, weekly, monthly) to take into account any changes made to products, prices, availability and shipping.
  • In short, shopping feed management is an essential step towards uploading a product catalogue that retains all of its specificities. Google Shopping or other sites can then pick up your products with the corresponding details, so the listings will be displayed according to the norms of each platform.

Shopping feed management: optimised control

In order to be utilised by these platforms, your product feed must comply with certain rules. This is where shopping feed management comes into play: to help you create your catalogue in line with the given requirements (on Google Shopping, a certain number of general attributes must be provided), to ensure that no information gets lost during the upload process, and finally to centralise orders placed on different platforms.

In this way, shopping feed management allows for the optimal use of your product feeds on Google Shopping and similar platforms.

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