Lengow & Fulfillment

Marketplace shipping services help you reach more customers by simplifying your sales process. All you need to do is ship your products to the marketplace which will take care of storage, delivery, customer service, and returns management.

The Lengow platform is compatible with several marketplace shipping services. We’re currently compatible with:

  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Cdiscount Fulfillment
  • Mano Fulfillment
  • Zalando Fulfillment Service (ZFS)

Fulfillment-compatible marketplaces include…

Configuration of your feeds

Do you sell on marketplaces? That means all, or part of your catalog is affected by Fulfillment. To define the products related to this service, you’ll fill in specific attributes that will clearly identify them. The marketplace will then have all the necessary information to manage your products properly.

Tracking your orders

Each marketplace has its own way of managing orders. Manage all your orders in a uniform and automated way on the Lengow platform.

You can distinguish between classic delivery orders (which must be prepared and delivered by you, the seller) and marketplace-managed orders (which do not require any logistical intervention on your part).

These orders will be clearly identified in Lengow and this information can also be forwarded to your back office via our plugins or API.


What is fulfillment order management?

Moving to a fulfillment system means delegating your entire order management process to a third-party company: this service includes warehousing and delivery of your products, customer support, and handling returns.

Which platforms are compatible with fulfillment?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Cdiscount Fulfillment, Zalando Fulfillment Service (ZFS) and Mano Fulfillment are currently compatible with Lengow. More and more marketplaces provide sellers with a fulfillment service.

Can I separate my fulfillment orders from my self-managed orders on Lengow?

Fulfillment orders (Amazon FBA, Cdiscount Fulfillment, Mano Fulfillment) have a special status in Lengow, allowing you to apply specific rules to them.

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