Your products are locally visible thanks to…

Generate traffic in your physical store network with the right product information

In-store product ads (Google Local Inventory Ads, Facebook Dynamic Ads for Retail, and Criteo Local Inventory Ads) allow you to showcase your products and provide information about your stores to internet users searching for products near your stores.

Display the availability and prices of products in stores close to the consumer. Web-to-Store interconnects online and offline via your product feeds.

Measure performance: Evaluate the impact of your online ads on traffic and in-store sales.


Synchronize your tools

By connecting our API to your ERP, CMS or PIM, Lengow retrieves your inventory data and then creates a feed indicating the warehouses in which your various items are available.


Enrich your ads

Use our Additional Sources feature to integrate your product and customer data from your retail experience to create powerful acquisition campaigns.


Official partner

Our platform is listed as an official Google partner and Facebook ‘Feed Platform Solution’ for product data management.


Segment your inventory

Prepare a feed that lists all the items sold in your stores and the attributes describing them. Segment your product catalog to assign specific bids to your local listings.


International support

Our native sales and support teams provide their expertise to help you with your cross-border strategy to promote all your outlets, regardless of where they are located.

Simplified integration with Lengow

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