• An active Zapier account
  • Check the privacy policies and the legal terms of the marketplaces in which you work: very often the e-mail address provided is encrypted, so you are only able to contact your customer as part of the order

To begin...


Your orders from marketplaces arrive in Lengow



The orders go to Zapier

And every time...


Someone new buys your product a new contact is created in your CRM

How it works?

  • Sales generated on the marketplaces re-enter our platform. You can then choose to send the buyer’s contact information directly into your CRM (last name, first name, address, phone number, …)
  • With each new order, your CRM is automatically updated and you can then contact this buyer as part of the order or to answer a customer service question

Note: Orders received come only from marketplaces and do not include sales from your own online store.

It works with…

4 600 brands and retailers worldwide are
already using Lengow