• You want to create fully customizable feeds without having to go through your technical department
  • You already know the required fields or you have access to a file containing the expected structures

First of all...


Install the “My Custom Channel” application accessible from our application gallery



Set up your own feed structure in a matter of minutes with a name, a format (CSV, JSON, XML) and the associated delimiters



Define your feed structure’s attributes (optional or mandatory)

And we’re off!


Your new feed is ready to be sent to your logistics teams, to distributors for specific operations, or to your distributors if you’re a brand,…

How it works?

  • My Custom Channel enables you to create connectors to an unlimited number of diffusers for internal or external use

  • Use the application to access niche diffusers which aren’t yet available on our platform, or for internal business tools, to share information from your feed to your accounting or logistics departments, to meet specific needs for a diffuser campaign, etc….

  • For example, if you’re a brand, a manufacturer, or B2B and you work with +100 online distributors, you can easily and automatically control the information sent to each of them

4 600 brands and retailers worldwide are
already using Lengow