Build your ecommerce strategy based on reliable business intelligence

Netrivals monitors data from more than 1 billion products and 3.9 billion images collected from over 32,000 ecommerce sites worldwide. The system then analyses this data to provide intelligent insights to help you adopt the best pricing strategy for your business and industry.

Data is sourced from over…


Maximise profit margins based on pricing intelligence

Make strategic decisions based on real-time competitor pricing as well as consumer behaviour.

  • Assess product catalogues across distribution channels.
  • Analyse how your products perform against competitors
  • Analyse competitor pricing.
  • Evaluate consumer response to your products.

Ensure you always know what’s going on

Monitor changes in reseller pricing, stock availability and your company’s online presence to protect your brand image.

Netrivals platform intuitively displays sellers charging above and below the minimum prices in your catalogue to get a more complete view of distribution channels, detect inconsistencies and make better-informed decisions.

Stay ahead of the competition via dynamic pricing

Increase conversions and profit margins thanks to our dynamic pricing tool. Our solution automatically adapts product prices based on a set of predefined rules that respect your profit margin.

80% of Netrivals customers enjoy an increase in sales and Buy Box ownership during their first 15 days.

Use insights to adapt your strategy

Generate customised reports combining the information collected by Netrivals with data relating to any of your business areas or departments. Ceate customized dashboards, tables and graphs (and any other view you may need) to easily analyse data and optimise your ecommerce strategy accordingly.

Additional Features

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Amazon Ratings and Reviews analyser

Estimate product value by analysing prices, ratings and reviews on Amazon.

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Change notifications

Monitor all distribution channels to track product price moves and get automatic alerts every 3 hours for each online store that sells your products.

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Google Shopping Price Monitoring

Create and optimise campaigns based on the competitive status of the market.

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Dynamic pricing

Establish pricing rules based on product competitiveness and market positioning. Implement rules to automatically adjust pricing to beat your competitors whilst maintaining profit margins.

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