Unlock the power of your data and start shaping the next generation of the digital shelf analytics with Netrivals and Lengow

Powerful pricing data for retailers and brands with Netrivals. Stay competitive. Protect your margin. Boost your conversion

Netrivals offers a comprehensive view of the market through competitive pricing analysis to help you make better-informed pricing decisions that will boost your sales and revenue.

Netrivals systems monitor and update on a daily basis the prices of +1000M products from +35K stores in +50 countries to provide customers with crucial product data across a range of industries. It allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your pricing and product strategy.

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Turn data into actionable insights

Lengow enables brands and retailers to increase their online revenue and stay ahead of the competition.

Lengow provides them with strategic business recommendations based on data we have gathered since +13 years from more than 1,600 customers worldwide. Thus, it allows brands and retailers to activate new growth levers and maximise their sales on new channels.

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