Thanks to live shopping videos, you can interact with customers and enhance loyalty by providing prospects with more support during their purchasing journey (towards conversion), and by communicating more in-depth with existing customers. All the while transforming them into brand ambassadors or experts!


Important aspects of live sales actions

At first, you will no doubt use live shopping on your platforms, e-commerce website or blog. This is an interesting starting point, as it gives you good control over your data and audience measurement. Furthermore, by adding links to your videos, you will be sending your customers straight to product sheets, encouraging them to make a purchase.

However, this is not quite enough. It is important to go looking for more viewers in the right places. In the long-term, this requires resorting to e-commerce streaming on marketplaces and social media – which are essential nowadays for stimulate sales.

Yet one question remains: how can the videos’ success and conversion rate be measured? By analysing comprehensive dashboards that include data from all platforms, you will know what works and what needs to be changed to boost sales even further. This data is also essential for determining compensation for your partner ambassadors!

At the same time, content protection issues need to be sorted, so your customers can safely access your videos. Various authorisations must be managed, so certified staff alone (employees, influencers, third-party retailers) can modify or publish videos on your brand’s behalf. The raw and unedited nature of live streams makes these matters even more pressing…


What is the point of a product flow manager?

Within this context, a product flow manager will prove extremely useful to optimise marketing events and make the most of the many benefits offers by live shopping videos. With this tool, you will have full control over your e-commerce streams.

Flow managers are used to list products, make a selection from the catalogue of those you wish to present in a live stream, and schedule events. It then enables you to post videos on your website and other marketplaces. It can be used to easily export streams to all platforms, in accordance with each one’s required rules and standards. Then, orders placed by online consumers via these various channels will all be centralised!

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