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Whitepaper-Marketplaces-2020-couv Whitepaper-Marketplaces-2020-page-007 Whitepaper-Marketplaces-2020-page-017

Whether you are a retailer or a brand, optimize your presence on marketplaces and increase your sales!

Discover our white paper on marketplaces co-written with our partner Wunderman Thompson.

Amazon, Tmall, eBay, Cdiscount … be they large or small, general or specialized, the economic position of marketplaces is always secure.

Marketplaces are very effective for online retailers: their large amounts of traffic can give great visibility to your products, and therefore increase sales dramatically. But before you begin to sell, it’s important to understand how they work. Lengow and Wunderman Thompson answer all your questions and give you some key tips.

In this document we explain:

  • Key information for easy adaption
  • Which type of marketplace is right for your business?
  • How to gain visibility and increase sales
  • How to optimise performance
  • How to boost your international sales through marketplaces
  • Our advice to get you started on marketplaces



This guide is for you:

  • You have an online store or you manage an online business, and you’re looking for information on marketplaces
  • You want to sell your products on one or more marketplace(s)
  • You’re already selling on marketplaces, and you want to optimise your presence and/or be more efficient