Live commerce is a form of customer experience based on the fundamentals of teleshopping – i.e. presenting products and explaining their qualities and advantages whilst demonstrating how they work.


The difference in the case of live shopping is that the presentation is done live (not recorded beforehand), and is broadcast throughout all your brand’s digital channels: e-commerce website, YouTube channels, Instagram account, or any other compatible medium. Videos can also be posted on partner influencers’ pages or channels, if their expertise has a link to what is being described in said video. 


What products can be sold via live commerce?

These videos are particularly suited to cosmetics, gardening and DIY tools, clothing and fashion accessories, and household appliances. This being said, there are no limitations: any product or service can potentially be concerned.


A chat system will preferably be added to the presentation videos. This way, the audience can participate and ask questions, making the session more stimulating and inclusive. Answering live questions asked by interested viewers is an excellent way enhancing commitment and converting them!


What will this bring to your marketing approach?

With regard to your marketing team, live commerce boasts countless advantages: 

  • you can organise easily accessible demonstration workshops for a wide audience, everywhere in France and throughout the world, without any geographical barriers and without any limitations in terms of participants. Conversely, you can also restrict access to a select number of influencers, to boost curiosity.
  • within the framework of omni-channel commerce, live commerce offers rich and diverse multi-platform experiences whilst enhancing the feeling of proximity and creating a real community around your products.
  • once the session has ended, the demonstration video can be cleverly posted right next to the product sheet. This way, ad hoc visitors will see how the product works, and can read through the answers already asked by other people.
  • the questions asked during the session bring to light the various points that need to be better explained, and will help complete the product sheet and FAQ page.

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