What is Kiabi?

  • Kiabi is the leading choice for French consumers in the Child and Baby category since 1978.
  • Kiabi’s marketplace has an impressive 13 million monthly visits.
  • Offer a wide array of products, including childcare, toys, ready-to-wear, lingerie, shoes, accessories, and items for children’s and baby’s rooms.
  • With a global presence in 25 countries, 550 stores, and an impressive 18% of their activity comes from online platforms.


Easily optimise your product sheets

Enhance your product pages to meet Kiabi’s standards by making direct updates to titles, descriptions, visuals, and prices using the Lengow platform. Craft compelling product sheets that effectively showcase your offerings and captivate potential customers.


Improve your performance with rules and exclusions

Use Lengow to create automated rules to effortlessly manage your catalogue and improve competitiveness: quickly segment your products based on their performance, automatically disable your out-of-stock products and easily plan your promotions..


Successfully list your products via category matching

Elevate your product visibility on the Kiabi search engine by using Lengow to generate structured product feeds through attribute and category matching. This powerful tool enriches your catalogues and enhances your rankings, making it easier for potential customers to find your offerings.


Track your inventories and orders with ease

Process your Kiabi orders and update your inventory directly from the Lengow platform.

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