All you need to know about Vente-Unique

  • Vente-Unique is a marketplace specialising in furniture and home. Boost your online business on this expert marketplace.
  • Benefit from Vente Unique’s large audience and reach more than 2 million existing clients to increase your sales.
  • Expand your horizon as the marketplace is available in France, Spain and Italy.
  • Take advantage of the various strong marketing levers Vente-unique offers you, including 200K followers on social networks.
  • The marketplace also provides a range of services (marketing, dedicated contact person, easy integration) to offer a smooth customer experience and help you generate more revenue.


Easily optimise your product sheets

Edit titles, descriptions, visuals and prices in your product pages directly on the Lengow platform, to create effective product sheets which meet Vente-unique’s requirements.

Improve your performance with rules and exclusions

Use Lengow to create automated rules to effortlessly manage your catalogue and improve competitiveness: quickly segment your products based on their performance, automatically disable your out-of-stock products and easily plan your promotions.

Successfully list your products via category matching

Create structured product feeds through attribute and category matching on Lengow, to enrich your catalogues and boost your rankings on the Vente-unique search engine.

Track your inventories and orders with ease

Review your Vente-unique orders and update your inventory directly from the Lengow platform.

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Boost the visibility of your products and drive revenue growth on Vente-unique with Lengow

This guide provides an in-depth understanding of Vente-unique, a marketplace focusing on home furniture in France, Spain and Italy.

You’ll gain insights into its business model, services, and eligibility criteria for becoming a member of the platform. Lengow also shares valuable tips to help you seamlessly integrate onto the marketplace and achieve success in your online sales!

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