Fuel your catalogues with price intelligence

Competitive data integrated to your Lengow catalogues unlocks new e-commerce powers.

Improve your ROAS with segments based on competitive data and price intelligence. Discard non-competitive product segments from your online ads.

Activate dynamic pricing on your catalogues, to win the buy box and start making more profitable sales.

Merge your data sources and aggregate price intelligence (competitors’ or resellers’ prices, difference percentage with your price, stock availability, etc.) with your product catalogues data

Receive timely price suggestions based on your custom strategy. Activate dynamic pricing in Lengow to replace your current price with the suggestions.

Create segments based on Netrivals data, for example to send only competitive products to your marketing channels. 

Win the buy box on marketplaces by adjusting your prices dynamically and automatically thanks to this integration.

Unleash the power of Netrivals in Lengow


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Installing your additional Netrivals source

You can now connect Netrivals as an additional source in any of your Lengow catalogues. Pick your catalogue, click on the additional source tab and select Netrivals. Once you’re authentified in your Netrivals account, all the valuable price intelligence data will start pouring in, matched by EAN numbers with your products. Easy as pie!

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