What is Spareka?

  • The leading marketplace for repair by yourself of everyday appliances.
  • Spareka offers you high visibility and qualified traffic for your products (18 million unique visitors in 2021).
  • Benefit from this marketplace’s industry expertise and support made freely available to its customers (number one YouTube channel for repairs in France, remote video service with professional technicians to help diagnose problems, etc.).
  • The platform offers data cleaning with a highly compatible tool to reduce your return rate – a worthwhile investment to promote your product files.
  • With Spareka you can effortlessly and effectively grow your activity and increase your turnover!


Easily optimise your product files

Quickly edit titles, descriptions, images and prices in your product pages directly within the Lengow platform, to create successful product files which fulfil Spareka marketplace requirements.


Improve your performance by using rules and exclusions

With Lengow, you can create automated rules to easily manage your catalogue and boost competitiveness: quickly segment your products according to their performance, automatically disable your out of stock products and seamlessly plan your promotions.


List your products efficiently with category matching

Create a structured product feed through attribute and category matching in Lengow, to group your product catalogue and boost your rankings on Spareka’s search engine.


Track your stock and orders with ease

Review your Spareka orders and update your inventories directly from the Lengow platform.

Selling on Spareka with Lengow:


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Boost your visibility and sales on Spareka with Lengow

Through this guide, discover Spareka and the specificities of the marketplace dedicated to repair by yourself and spare parts.

You will learn more about its business model, the services it offers and the conditions for joining the platform. Lengow also gives you some key tips to successfully integrate into the marketplace!

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