Enhance your E-Commerce Product Feed with AI

How to leverage AI to enhance your e-commerce product feed!

The cornerstone of e-commerce success is the product data feed. With this guide we cut through the generalities surrounding AI in e-commerce and offer practical examples of how AI can enhance product feeds for e-merchants, without significant investment.

We’ll tackle common challenges and pain points related to the product feed (such as product descriptions, translations, duplicate content, image formats, etc.) faced by online retailers, demonstrating that for nearly every issue, an AI solution or simple workaround exists.

The content:

  • Learn how to use GPT add-ons
  • Get an overview of adapted AI tools
  • Discover FeedGen which employs novel prompt-tuning techniques to elevate product titles, enrich descriptions, etc.
  • See how Lengow boosts AI in e-commerce with smart Dynamic Pricing and Category Matching

In this guide, you will learn all about:

      • Tips and tricks for AI-enhanced e-commerce product feeds
  • How to eliminate your product feed and e-commerce pain points
  • Concrete examples of AI solutions for e-commerce scenarios

This guide is for you if:

  • You have an e-commerce site, you are a manager in an e-commerce company, or you are looking for information on how to optimize your product feed
  • You want to use a smart e-commerce solution and stand out from the competition
  • You are already using a Price Intelligence solution and want to improve your performance