E-Commerce Challenges 2024

E-Commerce in 2024: Navigating through the Challenges Ahead

Another tumultuous year lies ahead in 2024. To thrive in the face of this year’s challenges, e-commerce executives must focus on cost optimisation, risk mitigation, adapting to changing customer behaviour, and more generally harnessing data to inform their decisions.

Through this white paper, discover the 4 main challenges we have been working on with the help of our expert partners…

  • +200% rise in Customer Acquisition Costs in 8 years
  • 1/4 of adults no longer feel loyal to any brand
  • X2 number of online stores (2021 vs 2022), competition gets stronger
  • 50% of retailers want to collect more real-time data to make faster business decisions

…and find out our tips to overcome them!

In this document we present:

  • Cost Optimisation: The Real Deal
  • Unlocking New Customer Behaviours
  • Agility: The Ultimate Puzzle
  • Data-fuelled Commerce

This guide is for you:

  • You have an e-commerce site, or you work for an e-commerce company and you’re looking for a clear presentation of the main challenges for 2024
  • You want to overcome these challenges and make your online strategy a success
  • You are looking for new trends and want to rely more on data to make better-informed decisions and improve your sales