challenges webinar Jan 26_1

Maintain your product margin in an environment of rising costs. Understanding new customer buying behaviors. Crack the Code of Data Opacity.

In this webinar, you will learn from our experts how to overcome these and other E-commerce challenges. Turn challenges into chances and thrive in 2023.



In this expert talk, you will learn all about:

    • Cost Optimization
    • Unlocking the “One-Time Buyer” Customer Behaviour
    • Agility: The Ultimate Puzzle
    • Data-fuelled Commerce: The Ultimate Power Play


  • Frédéric Clement, Chief Strategy Officer @Lengow
  • Simon Fowler, Commerce Partnerships Lead, EMEA @ TikTok
  • Lawrence Taylor, President & Owner @ Retail4Brands
  • Hakan Thyr, Chief Revenue Officer @ Fruugo