With the world of e-commerce expected to reach 130 billion euros in worth by 2021 according to Xerfi, a third of these transactions will probably be done via marketplaces. To benefit from this financial inflow, you will need to become proficient in the “product upload” stage – consisting in sending product feeds to marketplaces. Here are our top tips for success!


  1. Adapt your product feeds to the marketplace in question. Each marketplace stipulates its own rules, and their products upload processes can vary greatly. If you are considering working with several marketplaces at the same time, you should create product feeds properly-suited to each one.
  2. Optimise your productsup load process by filling in as many attributes as possible. The attributes required by marketplaces when creating a product feed are in no way simply decorative: they help improve product sheet SEO and therefore their positioning in search results. The more precise you are and the more attributes you fill in (including optional ones), the more chances you have of seeing your products climb higher up the listings.
  3. Update your product feeds as regularly as necessary. Updates are an integral part of the productsup load process: you should make sure your product sheets are properly updated according to stock or price variations, or following changes in your sales strategy.
  4. Use custom labels. Marketplaces suggest that retailers optimise their product uploads thanks to customised labels: these “values” are allocated to products according to a certain number of settings (seasonality, margin incurred, price bracket, return on investment, etc.). These labels provide precious information regarding your results on the platform, and will help you rationalise your product feeds.

Get help from a feed manager. This way, you will no longer need to worry about format or conformity: your service provider takes care of optimising your product upload process as per each marketplace’s requirements and specificities.

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