Product feed management cannot be improvised – especially when you are selling on several websites at once. This is why an effective and optimized management must go through data feed management, a flow management solution that allows you to disseminate and update your product catalogue on all types of online trading platforms (marketplaces, paying ads, price comparison websites, etc.).

How can data feed management help you manage your products feed?

  • by creating data flows which meet each channel’s specifications;
  • by facilitating the updates of your feeds so that your customers always have access to valid information;
  • by offering distribution channels according to your business sector and your type of products;
  • by letting you in on partner networks, both in France and abroad, in order to enhance the visibility of your products and expand your viewing audience;
  • by centralizing your products flows on the same platform that provides an overall vision of the different websites on which you are selling your products;
  • by allowing you to track your products’ performances through statistical tools, in order to calculate your acquisition costs, margins and your return on investment.

Data feed management is so much more than the technical assistance needed when creating and managing your feeds: it is a tool that allows you to track your performance and adjust your products catalogue in real time.

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