For several years now, no-code and low-code tools have been in the limelight. They are used to develop web applications and tools whilst reducing programming needs to a strict minimum. What are the advantages and drawbacks of these tools for e-vendors?


  1. Launching your e-commerce platform without any particular technical skills

This is the main convenience of no-code and low-code tools: users can create and launch their e-commerce platform without needing any specific technical skills, and without having to call upon a site developer (or only for fewer specific tasks). A solution such as Shopify can be used to set up an online store and payment module in just a few clicks, via a drag-and-drop interface. This means budding e-vendors can focus on the heart of their project: selling their products.


  1. Making quick changes to your online store’s interface or functionality

No-code and low-code tools stand out through their flexibility. With manual coding, each change either requires a developer to step in or takes hours of programming. Yet with these practical solutions, formalising a new process or adding a functionality is extremely easy – and they can be used immediately after. This flexibility makes the e-shop more responsive, which is a major advantage in such a competitive market!


  1. Reducing or getting rid of site development expenses

Developing a website or application comes at a cost. Developers charge a fair amount for their work. Using no-code or low-code tools helps save all or part of the expenses incurred by the development of a platform, a mobile application or a functionality. For instance, if you wish to connect two applications with a view to automating a given action, Zapier offers a quick and intuitive solution that does not require any development work at all.


  1. Boosting your time to market

These combined advantages contribute to significantly reducing your time to market – which is the time required before a product can be marketed. By speeding up the online store’s creation and finalisation phases, as well as by automating its processes, e-vendors can put their products up for sale much faster.


Resorting to no-code or low-code tools for e-commerce therefore boasts countless advantages in such a competitive world. These solutions are particularly well-suited to e-vendors new the market.

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