How to ensure successful multichannel e-commerce management? Here are 10 tips to be applied without moderation!

  • Define your favoured channels according to your budget and targets.
  • Communicate on your distribution channels so your customers can find out about them.
  • Use the data drawn from your various channels relevantly. You can use it to elaborate targeted marketing campaigns, namely with the help of a multichannel e-commerce solution.
  • Structure customer databases according to channel, to refine your multichannel e-commerce strategy.
  • Mobilise all your contact and sales channels with a view to optimising customer relations (“omnichannel” strategy).
  • Optimise your channels so they become accessible from all mobile devices.
  • Be reactive when communicating with customers, whenever they ask for information or express their discontent.
  • Use social networks as part of your multichannel e-commerce strategy, both to communicate on your offers and enhance customer loyalty.
  • Follow customer behaviour on your channels, basing yourself on a multichannel e-commerce solution, to find out about their habits: the terminals they use to surf, their favourite purchasing route, etc.
  • Never forget the human factor! Customer contact is essential, whether it means implementing an after-sales service or suggesting promotional offers by phone.

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