Magento is a CMS specifically designed for e-commerce websites and is one of the most-used in the world. The platform uses online shop functionalities whilst offering optimal customer experience. The latest version of the tool – Magento 2 – goes even further by copying the rules enacted by search engines to boost e-vendor visibility (and conversions) on marketplaces. Lengow grants access to these advantages via its plug-in, optimised for Magento 2.

Magento 2 functionalities

Magento 2 brought three major changes to its e-commerce platform – Magento – with a view to helping vendors sell on marketplaces:

  • faster page loading (for improved user experience),
  • native full responsive themes (for optimal display on mobile devices),
  • optimised databases (to make catalogue management easier for large-volume and/or complex products).

These novelties were designed to improve natural referencing on commercial websites, and offer better customer experience to e-shoppers who are getting increasingly demanding in terms of ergonomics and intuitiveness.

Advantages of the Lengow plug-in for Magento 2

To make it easier for you to transfer your product catalogue to this new Magento 2 version, whilst considering the changes made, Lengow designed a specific plug-in to be integrated to your e-commerce software. This plug-in makes it possible to:

  • quickly export your product catalogues from your e-shop to the marketplaces, product ads and affiliation or retargeting platforms;
  • manage the orders placed via these various platforms on your Magento interface;
  • analyse your performance and measure profitability in just a few clicks thanks to the statistical tools made available by Lengow.

In a nutshell, the Magento 2 plug-in enables you to make the most of all the advantages implemented in the Magento update. And of course, sell more efficiently on the marketplaces!

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