Displaying your products simultaneously on different Google platforms is an e-commerce experience now offered by the Mountain View company via its improved marketplace known as Google Shopping Actions (Buy with Google). How does it work? What are its advantages for e-vendors? Overview.


Google Shopping Actions (Buy with Google) is a programme launched by Google, offering e-vendors (distributors, retailers, brands) the possibility of selling their products more efficiently. Product catalogues are available simultaneously on the Google Search platform (standard search results on your desktop or mobile device) and soon on Google Assistant (results of vocal requests).


How does it work?

Shopping Actions (Buy with Google) offers online visitors a more vertical purchasing experience: they can browse through product catalogues, read product information (availability, colours, price, delivery terms, etc.) and make a purchase in one swift movement – so long as they have previously registered their payment information in their Google Play account. The idea is to encourage a “zero effort” experience for consumers. As such, Google Shopping Actions has moved away from its big brother, Shopping, and closer towards Amazon, its competitor.


For retailers, Google Shopping Actions (Buy with Google) uses a cost-per-sale model (CPS) instead of cost-per-click (PPC) or advertising cost (CMP) models: Google is paid a commission after each sale.


What are its advantages?

Shopping Actions boasts many advantages. First of all, for your customers:

  • A universal basket. Two products added via two distinct platforms end up in the same basket.
  • Instant payment, which encourages quick decision-making (and thus impulsive buying).
  • A more supple and smoother experience (the online visitor switches from browsing to purchasing in the blink of an eye).


Then, for e-vendors:

  • The programme is open to vendors of all sizes.
  • The commission is paid once the sale has been made (no cost-per-click or cost-per-mille like with Shopping). As such, e-vendors are not exposed to any risks.
  • Visibility is boosted given that product catalogues are available on several platforms.
  • The purchasing experience is optimised for customers (smooth, quick and cross-platform process).
  • Customer loyalty is enhanced, as items are still dispatched by the retailers.

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