VTEX is the “leading collaborative business” solution, and is becoming increasingly popular on e-commerce platforms given its many native functionalities. Large brands (such as Coca-Cola and Sony) have put their trust in it.

VTEX is an e-commerce solution based on the Cloud, that offers e-vendors a centralised platform for creating and managing their online stores, and following up on their customers’ entire purchasing journey at every point of contact. The solution has embedded native e-commerce, marketplace and OMS (Order Management System) functionalities. It brings more agility and operational efficacy to your system.

The company, founded in 2000, now counts over 2,500 online stores in about thirty countries, and over 1,000 employees dotted around about twenty offices all over the world. Major brands such as Sony, Walmart, Coca-Cola and Nestlé use this solution.

VTEX focuses on three main cornerstones: 

  • Boosted e-commerce. VTEX enables users to offer their customers exactly what they expect: a purchasing experience adapted to their needs and behaviour. The tool provides vendors with concrete solutions for collaborating with their buyers, with a view to better understanding what they expect in terms of services.
  • Marketplaces. VTEX makes it possible to log into marketplaces to sell products on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and other similar sites (most platforms of the same kind), namely thanks to a plug-in developed by Lengow. It also suggests creating your own marketplace, by collaborating with its suppliers and business partners, so customers can enjoy a unique store.
  • Order management. E-commerce is its true essence. VTEX offers a number of tools for processing orders and managing stock levels over several channels, and for creating optimal customer experiences in an omni-channel setting (pick-up points, dispatch from a shop, scheduled delivery, etc.).

Cherry on the cake: VTEX can be integrated to Lengow to simplify product flow, order and stock level management on marketplaces!

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