Marketing channels for your product range

One step ahead of the competition

Get access to new price comparison websites and marketplaces to always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Sell at the right price

Determine the best price in the face of competition based on a thorough analysis of your sales and margins. Automatically synchronize your price monitoring tools and add statistics directly from Google Analytics.

Establish an effective delivery policy

Centralize all your orders for fast and easy processing. Delivery times are no longer an obstacle for your buyers.

Get ready for key sales periods

Make sure you prepare for Christmas, Black Friday, and other sales periods: promote your top sellers, convince customers with promotions or discounts on your shipping fee.

Manage your inventory in a smart way

Set up rules based on the availability or profitability of your products to make sure you only offer products you have in stock which generate good margins.

Personalize your product sheets

Provide a maximum of technical details on your products (screen resolution, memory, focal length, etc.) so your customers are reassured about their purchase.


“We chose Lengow because it was the only e-commerce automation solution able to support us in distributing product catalogs of this size on a very wide range of marketing channels. We rely on Lengow’s expertise to continue our online development.”


4,600 brands and retailers use Lengow worldwide