All you need to know about Google Tag Manager


  • Google Tag Manager gives you the ability to manage all of your tags from one interface: save time in setting up your tracking to focus on your campaigns and budgets.
  • You insert a single tag, generated by Google, into the code of your online shop and then implement your different tags directly from the GTM interface.
  • You can freely control your tags without having to modify the code present on your site and without help from your technical teams.
  • Different user access levels allow you to secure your account.

The main steps of configuring your Lengow tag

Learn more about tracking with Lengow and GTM

  • Lengow clicks and orders trackers below must be integrated in GTM through the setting up of triggers
  • To get your statistics and sales data from your non-marketplaces campaigns back to your Lengow account, 3 trackers must be activated:
    • Click Tracker: This tag must be triggered on all pages of your site.
    • Checkout Tracker: This tag must be triggered on your payment choice page.
    • Conversion Tracker: This tag must be triggered on your payment confirmation page

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