• A product catalogue on Lengow
  • A Google Optimize account

First of all...


Define an automatic rule to create UTMs from your product data in Lengow



Create an ‘experience’ by defining a target in “UTM settings”



Configure your UTM settings: variable, correspondence type and value(s)

How does it work?

  • You want to introduce an A / B test or specific customisation on your site for certain visitors according to the product pages they visit.
  • On the Google Optimize platform, target your “Optimize experience” according to the utm_campaign defined on the Lengow platform from a rule. This UTM is maintained when a visitor browses your website. Example: set the UTM “utm_campaign=promo” for all products that have a promotional price and display content specific to that promotion.
  • Google Optimize maintains the same UTM campaign value that the visitor used to visit for 24 hours.

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